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Plymouth Guitar School is run by Rich Hamer, and offers guitar tuition from a qualified professional musician with 20 years experience as a guitar teacher. If you are looking for guitar lessons in Plymouth then look no further…

  • Get Professional Guitar Tuition for Any Level

From Beginner to Advanced – Anyone is welcome!

  • Learn Guitar in Any Style

Rock Guitar, Blues Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass Guitar, 7-string Guitar, Heavy Metal Guitar, Pop Guitar, Reggae Guitar, Folk Guitar, Bluegrass Guitar, Irish Guitar, Gypsy Jazz Guitar, Swing Guitar, Rockschool Grades, Improvisation, Music Theory, Chord Theory, Advanced Techniques – Any style!




Maybe you are a total beginner wanting to learn fast from a pro? Or perhaps you are an advanced player looking to brush up on your music theory? Is your playing stuck in a rut? Do you want to be able to write songs? Whatever your needs, Plymouth Guitar School has the answer.  

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Guitar Lessons:

30 minute Lesson (£15)

60 minute Lesson (£30)