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Rich Hamer Guitar School offers guitar tuition from a qualified professional musician with 20 years of experience as a guitar teacher. If you are looking for guitar lessons in Peverell, in Plymouth, or Online, then look no further…

  • Get Professional Guitar Tuition for Any Level

From Beginner to Advanced – Anyone is welcome!

  • Learn Guitar in Any Style

Rock Guitar, Blues Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass Guitar, 7-string Guitar, Heavy Metal Guitar, Pop Guitar, Reggae Guitar, Folk Guitar, Bluegrass Guitar, Irish Guitar, Gypsy Jazz Guitar, Swing Guitar, Rockschool Grades, Improvisation, Music Theory, Chord Theory, Advanced Techniques – Any style!

  • Enjoy Guitar Lessons in the Studio, at Home, or Online

Guitar lessons take place in Rich’s home studio, which is a fantastic environment for learning music. However, if you’d rather have a pro come right to your doorstep, then Rich can even come and teach you in your own home! You can also take your lessons online, and learn guitar from anywhere in the world.


Maybe you are a total beginner wanting to learn fast from a pro? Or perhaps you are an advanced player looking to brush up on your music theory? Is your playing stuck in a rut? Do you want to be able to write songs? Whatever your needs, Rich Hamer Guitar School has the answer.  

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Guitar Lessons:

Guitar Lesson / One Hour £35

Guitar Lesson / Half Hour £20

Online Guitar Lesson / One Hour £30

Home Guitar Lesson / One Hour £50