Pluckwork™ is a really fun workshop, designed for guitarists of all abilities, who want to play guitar with others. The sessions are usually an hour long, and are a fantastic opportunity to enjoy playing music in a group and meet new people.

Maybe you’ve always wished you could jam with people? Maybe your mates don’t play? Maybe you don’t know how to get started? Maybe you jam all the time and you just fancy having a great morning and meeting other guitarists?

At Pluckwork you don’t have to perform. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable or pushed outside your comfort zone. You don’t have to be able to read music or tab. You don’t need to know loads of stuff. You don’t need to prepare anything. All you need is your acoustic guitar, and to love playing! It really is that simple. Come and give it a go.

Limited places are still available by emailing Rich at:


Upcoming Pluckwork Workshops:

St Gabriel Church Hall, Hyde Park Rd, Peverell, PL34JJ

(Follow the sign through the little gate on Hyde Park Road, and walk straight ahead, down the pathway to the entrance. Free parking can be found nearby on Peverell Terrace, Glendower Road and Trelawney Road)